Solar Storage

Powering your house using power stored from your own Solar PV

LG Chem_2pFlyer_E ver_0522_final(수정)-outUnlike Off Grid, this type of battery system is usually designed to work with your existing Solar inverter, so all we need to supply is a battery pack and a special controller as a package. Though this type of storage will not provide you with backup power if the grid goes down, it does a good job of saving the excess power your Solar PV system has been generating during the day to keep feeding into the house at night. The compact 6kWh of storage on the right is the new LG Chem Lithium pack, which outstrips the performance of an old style lead acid battery set, for not much more in cost.

You will need to have some utility or garage wall space free, as the equipment does take up some space, so not suitable for small houses. We do like to use the garage space if possible, which an ideal environment for any battery system, i.e.. not too hot or never going to get freezing cold.

The Victron Hub4 storage system is our leading system for existing PV owners. Together with the LG Chem battery set, which is ideal for a 4kWp solar setup, we are able to install from £5600.

What kind of cost is it?

Depending on the type of storage system you would like installed, we can carry out a complete retrofit installation of Solar storage for around £2600 which includes a set of Li-Ion batteries.


So you want Storhub4-jan2016age AND Backup?

Yes!.. for some additional cost, as we will need to change things around in your existing consumer unit, we can install a Victron Hub-4 system that will not only store your excess solar power (as above), but will give you a backup facility so that when the grid fails, you will be the only guys on the street with the lights still on!

We have been technically trained on the comprehensive Victron systems that are available to enable us to program these systems for any situation. Though we usually use Victron for our Off Grid projects, the units are now available with special software to connect right onto the UK Grid with G83/3 certification, so you know its all going to work just when you need it most.

We use Li-Ion batteries for small size and big on power (lead acid battery sets by request).

Victron Hub-4 systems start at £2600 installed. Email us for more information

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