We have been supplying and installing Off Grid and Battery power systems since 2006. Since then, we have expanded to installing large Lithium Ion based systems as well as Lead Acid technology for storage. If you need power for a mobile home right through to a multi-building Micro Grid power system, we can design your system from scratch to be effective in both cost and operation.

We install right across the South West UK and beyond, covering Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire and Gloucestershire. In addition we have carried out works in Wales and further afield. Call or email for a free system design.

Off Grid

Across the UK, there are thousands of people who have no access to the power grid for their electricity. This is where we come in. We supply a few variations of Off Grid power for people and organisations who need it. A remote cottage on Exmoor? Holiday Cabin? Hilltop telecoms supply? Rural hamlet? We design and install power effectively for all these and far more. Options include long lasting Li-Ion Batteries, Solar PV to save on fuel costs, or just generators if you have no space for Solar PV. It’s all possible with our bespoke cost effective designs.

We will whenever possible include the option of Solar PV generation to the scheme, as it is so much more cost effective now and competes favourably with daily generator running for Off Grid systems. Check out our systems using Victron, Sunny Island, Solar Edge, BYD and so many more. We install many different battery types from Lead Acid and Li-Ion. All systems are designed for your requirements and not using an ‘off the shelf’ package that will not cover all your needs.


Grid connected Solar Storage

This option is now really popular for use mainly with grid connected Solar PV systems, enabling the PV system to store excess power in batteries for use in your house when the sun has set. We have been installing battery systems for over a decade and you can trust us to provide our expertise in this relatively new field.

We are able to provide many different options for your needs and our website will highlight the main system options we install. Now that the Governments Feed in Tariff scheme is coming to a close, it makes sense to install at least some battery storage, and we recommend you install expandable Li-Ion battery systems in all cases. Modular Li-Ion means you can start small and add more a year or more later as your needs change or you can afford it. We avoid ‘one size fits all’ batteries, as they are often far too over sized for many installations. Get in touch or check out the Solar Storage pages.