We had a call from someone we know who has relocated to Limousin in the centre of France needing an Off Grid system to provide them power for lights and power for a fridge, computer and chargers… Well, any excuse for a road trip through France, a nice drive at ant time of the year.

To keep the cost down for them, we calculated they simply needed:

  • A Victron Multiplus 1300Va inverter charger
  • 6 @ standard poly solar PV modules
  • 4 @ 200Ah Odyssey AGM batteries

This all connected to their RCD protected consumer unit, plus a Generator socket was installed to provide backup from their existing genset during the dark winter months when the solar may not quite make enough power.

The PV modules will generate a possible 1800kW a year (central France) if the batteries need the power, and will provide the owners a comfortable lifestyle of lighting and a fridge, besides the usual TV, internet, computer and other electrical appliances.

They cook with LPG and heat with wood, so no high power electrical items to worry about.