In rural Somerset, a family discovered the usual problem that many of our customers have. They are simply too far away from a local power grid connection to contemplate paying the enormous amount of money required to the local District Network Operator (DNO), in this case Western Power, simply to get 230v connected to the house. They had been using a generator running 15 hours a day, but the cost of fuel plus the inconvenience of not having power available overnight made them realise another solution must be available.


vctron 1

Calling us, we quickly put together a cost for the optimum power system they’d need to power the house as if connected to the grid. They heat and cook with

LPG, so we were able to keep the cost low. Heating with electricity when Off Grid does come at an additional cost of equipment. These guys planned ahead though.

System Vital Statistics:

  • 4.2kWp of black JA Solar PV panels onto the house roof using K2 mounting gear.
  • 8.0kVA Victron Quattro Inverter/ Charger
  • 2 @ high voltage MPPT solar charge controllers
  • Victron Colour control for visual display of system health and Portal access
  • 10 kWh of BYD B-Plus LV Lithium batteries in cabinet
  • 15kW single phase diesel generator

Programmed to start the generator in low sun and cloudy days when the batteries drop below a set threshold, we ensure the family will enjoy 230v microgrid power for the whole site 24/7