Off Grid Energy

IMG_2929For many homes and smallholdings, the cost of getting a mains electricity grid connection can be very high or simply impossible. We offer a service to provide 230v AC microgrid power anywhere!
Off Grid Systems offer a better solution for people who need power for lighting, powering workshops and home living. There are also specialist applications such as telecommunications sites and medical backup, not to mention vehicles and boats.

Many of our customers have been running a generator full time to provide their power with associated large fuel bills. To extend this kind of system, an effective solution will be a simple inverter unit and a set of batteries for power storage. You would be able to run the generator during the day when needed (to use power tools for example), which will also top up the batteries. At the end of the working day, your generator can be shut down leaving you to the quiet enjoyment of the evening and overnight with 230v power being supplied from the batteries.

To extend that idea and save even more on fuel, we can supply a suitably sized solar panel system. When these are mounted in a southerly facing location, such as a handy barn, these will carry out the battery charging, leaving your generator for occasional periods to top up the batteries. Now that solar panels are so much cheaper than just a few years ago, this solution will save on noise, fumes and of course money buying fuel.

We are able to size systems to any requirement you may have. For Off Grid systems we would need to know how much power you use every 24 hours, so to provide an accurate cost, we’d need you to complete a simple form that lists all your appliances and lights, etc. If you don’t know the power rating of each item, leave it blank and we can estimate. We are Victron technical specialists, having attended training courses at Victron HQ. We will whenever possible use the versatile equipment supplied by Victron that can provide power to your caravan or a multi-building Micro Grid facility. Of course, anything in between can be easily covered too!

Power Usage Form

Download and complete this PDF form so we can estimate your power usage every 24 hours.


Case Studies

Somerset Family Home

In rural Somerset, a family discovered the usual problem that many of our customers have. They are simply too far away from a local power grid connection to contemplate paying the enormous amount of money required to the local District Network Operator (DNO), in this...

Seaton Marshes Wetland Centre

Client: Seaton Marshes Wetlands Centre The new wetlands education centre at Seaton marshes required a small amount of electrical energy to run lights and sockets in the summer when educational classes are run. Initially the building pictured, above, was the only one...